Beat Bandit can import custom songs in ModSaber (Beat Saber) format! You can create your own levels using tools like mediocre mapper, or import custom songs created by the community.

Create a directory in the “Music” folder on your Oculus Go, and name the directory “BeatBandit” (The Directory structure is case-sensitive).

Open the Music directory on your Oculus Go
Create a directory in the Music folder, and name it BeatBandit

Copy the custom song folders into this directory (“Music/BeatBandit”) on your Oculus Go and start the game.

Make sure you unzip the folder before copying it to this directory, and make sure the entire directory is copied.

Once this is done, the songs you added should appear in the Custom Tab under the song list on the main menu. (Difficulty levels up-to “Expert” are supported. We found that “Expert+” levels were unachievable with the single saber in Beat Bandit)